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Event 1: An Introduction to Neurodiversity

60 minutes

Monday, 18 March 2024

09:30 to 10:30 (GMT)

Registration has closed for this event!

About the event

Thank you for your interest in this event. This event has now taken place, and though registrations are closed, if you would like to watch the recording then you can access it here (along with the other NCW 2024 event recordings!). We hope you enjoy.

This webinar will provide an introduction to neurodiversity and specific neurodifferences for those new to the topic.  It will raise awareness about the value neurodiversity can bring to society and equip you to better understand and support neurodivergent family members, friends and colleagues.  It will also provide a good foundation of knowledge to help you get the most out of the panel events taking place throughout Neurodiversity Celebration Week.  

We aim to leave some time at the end of the webinar for questions from the audience.  Content will include:

  • An introduction to Neurodiversity Celebration Week and how you can get involved.

  • What we mean by neurodiversity.

  • What we mean by neuro-inclusion, why it is important and the benefits it can bring to individuals, organisations and society.

  • An explanation of the most common neurodifferences, including the strengths and challenges often associated with them.

  • Practical advice on how you can support and empower neurodivergent children and adults.

Audience: Open to all. Please note the content is suitable for adults and children who are 12+”

This is a free online event via Zoom.

Helen Musgrove | Webinar Host

Director of Psychological Services, Lexxic

Helen Musgrove is the Director of Psychological Consulting at Lexxic, a specialist psychological consultancy focused on empowering neurodiversity in the workplace. Helen and her team of psychologists partner with leading employers across the UK and internationally to create more neuro-inclusive workplaces, delivering training and organisational change programmes. Helen became a business psychologist following a career as a Senior Civil Servant tackling some of the UK’s biggest social policy challenges. She is passionate about celebrating neurodiversity and breaking down the barriers neurodivergent individuals can experience at work.

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