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Event 17: Late Discovered Autism & Menopause

90 minutes

Thursday, 21 March 2024

12:00 to 13:30 (GMT)

Registration has closed for this event!

About the event

Thank you for your interest in this event. This event has now taken place, and though registrations are closed, if you would like to watch the recording then you can access it here (along with the other NCW 2024 event recordings!). We hope you enjoy.

It makes sense that if we experience the world differently that we are going to feel the effects of menopause differently too - everything from our emotional regulation, sleep, mental health and our individual sensory sensitivities.

We know that autistic women are more vulnerable to suicide, chronic ill health and mental health and when you layer all this up, it’s no wonder we hear it described in our community as the point in our lives when “the wheels to start to fall off”, and why for many women, menopause is the point of their autistic self-discovery.

Join us for an informative  panel discussion where we will hear different perspectives from Late Discovered Autistic women and their experiences of menopause and explore:

  • The individual menopause experience 

  • The struggles that autistic women face during menopause

  • The impact on mental health and wellbeing

  • What helps? 

  • What autism specific menopause support needs to look like

It makes sense that if we experience the world differently that we are going to feel the effects of menopause differently too - everything from our emotional regulation, sleep, mental health and our individual sensory sensitivities.

This is a free online event via Zoom.

Catherine Asta | Event Chair

Founder & Podcast Host The Late Discovered Club

Catherine is a Therapist, Writer, Podcaster and Storyteller.

Founder of The Late Discovered Club Podcast and community giving late discovered autistic women and marginalized genders a voice, helping to deconstruct stereotypes and giving the next generation visibility – ranked by Feedspot as the number one ‘Best Female Autism Podcasts’ in the world in 2023.

A trainer on the groundbreaking NHS National Autism Programme. Her book ‘Rediscovered’ – A Self-Affirming, Compassionate Guide for Late Discovered Autistic Women will be published by JKP later in 2024.

Recognised as a Top 50 Influential Neurodivergent Woman 2023, and Advocate for change in Gender Equality 2023.

Anita Patel

Neurodiversity Coach and Speaker

With experience in both Neurodiversity and Education, Anita has a special interest in how neurodivergence in individuals varies when viewed through an intersectional lens - particularly when it comes to presentation. In both her individual coaching sessions with clients and when speaking on a wider scale, she focuses on the removal of barriers to success and adopts a strength-based approach.
Anita is a mum to two neurodivergent boys and received a late diagnosis of Autism with ADHD for herself in 2023, after also recovering from breast cancer (she is currently a media volunteer for Cancer Research UK). Anita is passionate about enabling individuals to thrive, rather than simply survive.

George Wright

Advice Service Manager, Business Disability Forum

Passionate about inclusivity, currently advising organisations about inclusion and accessibility regarding disabilities and long-term conditions. George has lived experience of several disabilities and was late diagnosed as neurodivergent (which helps explain a few things!). George is the daughter of a migrant; incredibly detailed; a sensitive, deep thinker, able to understand multiple conflicting views simultaneously; constantly inquisitive while wanting to influence change and improve everything! Having held an Advisory Board Member role for an LGBTQ+ organisation and various voluntary roles in her free time, she’s also partial to great coffee & conversation, as well as a nice drop of red wine.

Rachel Lynch

Facilitator, designer & counsellor

I’ve a degree in visual communication and another degree in psychotherapy. I worked as a designer for 12 years, then as a literacy tutor for 10 years. I currently provide therapeutic interventions for various charity organisations. I could be facilitating creative workshops, designing infographics or providing 1-1 therapy. I also have a fellowship in drugs and medicine innovation from EUPATI (European Patients' Academy on Therapeutic Innovation). I’ve been involved in many patient public involvement (PPI) initiatives. I’m currently working on how to make research more accessible to minority groups. At the heart of my qualifications is empathy, which facilitates storytelling.

Sophie Cartledge

Menopause & hormone health educator

Sophie Cartledge is founder of Hormones on the blink, Menopause and hormone health training provider. Delivering CPD accredited menopause and neurodiversity & hormone health training for workplaces and communities.

As a late discovered autistic woman, Sophie has a particular interest in the relationship between hormones, menopause and neurodivergence. She is passionate about raising awareness of this to help women differentiate between the two, understand why life can feel more challenging and ultimately seek access to the right pathways, diagnoses and support.

Sophie was recognised for her work so far in the emerging business category at the Pamodzi Inspirational women's awards 2023.

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