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Event 10: Neurodiversity at Work Q&A: Ask the experts

45 minutes

Wednesday, 20 March 2024

08:00 to 08:45 (GMT)

Registration has closed for this event!

About the event

Thank you for your interest in this event. This event has now taken place, and though registrations are closed, if you would like to watch the recording then you can access it here (along with the other NCW 2024 event recordings!). We hope you enjoy.

Do you have a burning question about neurodiversity in the workplace? Our experts are here to help!

The agenda for our ‘Ask the Expert’ sessions will be shaped by you! Two business psychologists from Lexxic will discuss your questions about neurodiversity in the workplace in front of a live webinar audience (don’t worry, it’ll only be our experts on camera).

Here’s some example topics:

  • The strengths and workplace challenges typically associated with specific neurodifferences;

  • The value neurodivergent individuals can bring to organisations;

  • The assessments and support that can benefit neurodivergent individuals;

  • How to create a neuro-inclusive culture, communications, recruitment, talent management and working environments; and

  • How to be a good manager or ally to neurodivergent colleagues.

There will be the opportunity to ask questions during the session itself via the webinar Q&A function, but you can increase the chances of your question being selected by submitting it in advance.

The window for submitting questions for this event has now closed, however you are still more than welcome to register to for this event.

This is a free online event via Zoom.

Hannah Arnold-Wallinger

Senior Business Psychologist

As a Senior Business Psychologist, Hannah’s role involves working one to one with employees, delivering Diagnostic Assessments, for Dyslexia, Developmental Coordination Disorder (DCD) and Dyscalculia, Screening Assessments, Workplace Needs Assessments and coaching to support employees develop skills that can help them in the roles. Hannah has also has experience working within the area of Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Workplace, providing training to employees and line managers to support them to build a mentally healthy workplace. She is passionate about supporting wellbeing and diversity within organisations and supporting employees at an individual level.

Harry Saville

Consulting Business Psychologist

Harry is a Consulting Business Psychologist within Lexxic, working with organisations on various consultancy projects to support them to become more neuro-inclusive. Prior to working with Lexxic, Harry previously worked supporting neurodivergent individuals in schools and in the workplace via 1:1 coaching and assessments, as well as providing training to organisations on neurodiversity and wellbeing to drive organisational change.

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