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Event 7: The Benefits of Neurodiversity in the Workplace

90 minutes

Tuesday, 19 March 2024

12:00 to 13:30 (GMT)

Registration has closed for this event!

About the event

Thank you for your interest in this event. This event has now taken place, and though registrations are closed, if you would like to watch the recording then you can access it here (along with the other NCW 2024 event recordings!). We hope you enjoy.

This session considers what the corporate world is experiencing about the benefits of neuroinclusive workplaces. Join Dan Harris (Chair of the charity Neurodiversity in Business) and a panel of leading businesses to discuss the latest thinking on the benefits of neuroinclusion and company  Neurodiversity at Work programmes.

Backed by the latest academic research, the panel will be discussing the best ways to reduce stigma, improve retention and implement effective workplace adjustments.  

This panel firmly believes that creating a neuroinclusive environment benefits businesses and also society as a whole. We look forward to discussing and debating this topic, and learning from leaders across the corporate world.

This is a free online event via Zoom.

Dan Harris | Event Chair

Founder and Chairperson

Dan Harris is the founder and chairperson of the Neurodiversity in Business charity. NIB has been set up to transform the employment prospects of the 15 to 20% of the population who are neurodivergent.
As a neurodivergent leader and advocate, Dan is passionate about raising awareness and understanding of the strengths and challenges of neurodiversity, and empowering neurodivergent individuals to thrive in their careers.
Founded in 2022, over 600 global corporate members and community partners have joined NiB’s mission. The charity is powered by a team of volunteers committed to raising awareness across multiple sectors, industries and countries.

Tumi Sotire

Researcher in Health Economics founder of The Black Dyspraxixc

Joanna Whittington

Managing Consultant
UK&I Neurodiversity ERG Committee Member

Joanna Whittington is a Managing Consultant with over 25 years of experience in the water and local government sectors. She specialises in business transformation and physical asset management. Joanna has two neurodivergent children. She realised that she was an ADHDer three years ago as her older child was going through their ADHD assessment. Joanna is passionate about changing the education system and work environment to make them both more accessible and accommodating to different ways of learning and thinking. She was the founding chair of Stantec’s UK&I Neurodiversity Employee Resource Group.

Tom Norrish

JPMorgan Chase EMEA Neurodiversity Lead

Tom Norrish is the Neurodiversity Lead for Europe, the Middle East and Africa at JPMorgan Chase, working from their Bournemouth office. He is responsible for making sure that all aspects of an employee’s experience are neuroinclusive. Tom delivers the firm’s Autism at Work programming in the region, so all members of the community have the supports they need to thrive in the workplace. During his 24-year tenure with the firm, Tom has held a broad range of roles, to include Business Operations, Service Management and Technology.
As a member of the neurodivergent community, Tom is passionate about driving neuroinclusive practices for employees in the workplace and developing external programming for neurodivergent students, and emerging talent of all ages.

Lee Corless

Head of Global Expansion People & Culture

Lee is an Executive Vice President of Global Expansion with many years of experience working within the financial, technology, and recruitment industries. Having been part of the leadership team building arguably the world's leading Autism at Work program within one of the largest global investment corporations, Lee is now recognized as one of the world leaders in the neurodiversity inclusion space and is an accomplished, in demand, global speaker. As an autistic self-advocate, Lee supports the advancement of adapting the workplace to embrace neurodiversity and encourage neurodivergent individuals to seek employment.

Natasha Whitehurst

Global Inclusion Lead, Rolls-Royce
Co-Host of D&I Spy Podcast, Inclusion Uncovered

Natasha has extensive experience within multiple industries, where she has gained operational and generalist HR experience, over the last 5 years she has specialised in Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging. An experienced speaker, facilitator and training professional, she uses her lived experience to help business leaders develop their own inclusive behaviours. She is currently leading inclusion & diversity globally at Rolls-Royce.

Natasha is co-founder and co-host of ‘D&I Spy: Inclusion Uncovered’ a weekly podcast, taking inclusion back to basics, tackling often unspoken topics with a number of high-profile guests from the entertainment, sport and business worlds. Natasha is experienced working with people and talent teams to establish more inclusive recruitment practices, and attracting diverse talent, which earned her a coveted spot on the Global Diversity List 2020. Natasha lives in London, with her husband Shakey. She loves reading and learning, often travelling to feed her curiosity.

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