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Making Learning More Accessible

Saturday, 26 March 2022

16:00 - 17:00 GMT

About the event

Neurological differences affect the way people learn, process and retain information. The concept of neurodiversity is linked to the social model of disability, where an individual’s barriers are based on their environment and not just on the person’s abilities.

To ensure that people are not disadvantaged by their unique ways of learning and processing information, learning environments and organisations must be flexible to meet the needs of all.

Creating an inclusive environment means that access to learning should:


  • Respect the diversity of different learners

  • Allow people different ways of engagement in their learning and to fulfil their potential

  • Ensures different learning needs and preferences are met, regardless of a person's backgrounds, learning styles or abilities

  • Removes any barriers that prevent people from being their best

So how do we account for different types of learners’ needs? And what does a learner-centric design look like in practice?

Please join us for a panel discussion where we will discuss how to cater for different learning styles, provide advice on how educators and organisations can make their content more accessible and explore how assistive technology (such as text to speech software for dyslexic individuals) can be used to support and empower others.

This is a free online event via Zoom.

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Host: Aidan Healy, Neurodiversity Celebration Week Campaign Director


Michael Vermeersch Photo.jpg

Michael Vermeesch, Accessibility Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft

  • Rossie Stone, CEO and Founder of Dekko Comics

  • Mary Wilcox, Product Specialist for TextAid at Aventido Limited

  • Jules Daulby, Assistant Head in a Dorset Special School and Co-founder @WomenEd and @WomenEd_Tech

  • Thomas Henley, Autistic YouTuber and Creator of the Thoughty Auti podcast

  • Anna Fay, Lead on Partnerships at TIIMO

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