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Neurodiversity: The Transition to Further & Higher Education

Friday, 25 March 2022

10:00 - 11:30 GMT

About the event

How is higher and further education different for neurodivergent students?

Some students may have a diagnosis before starting further education or have received support from parents and teachers. Other students may enter further education without a diagnosis and life may become more challenging and less structured.


When students transition to university, there are often unclear pathways for guidance and there can be lots of change. So how can parents, educators and college professionals make this transition a success?


Join us for an exciting panel discussion where we will explore:


  • How to involve students in their own transition planning

  • Parent and family involvement in transition planning

  • Adjustments to assessments and coursework

  • How can academic staff know how to support the growing population of students

  • Pathways to providing adjustments and support

  • Develop understanding and relevant knowledge and skills within the university community

  • Establish channels so that neurodiverse students can have a voice in various aspects of university life


This is a free online event via Zoom.

Sara Rankin Photo.png

Host: Professor Sara Rankin, Imperial College London


Sam Crutcher - LSE Student.png

Sam Crutcher, LSESU neurodivergent officer

Joy Keenan Photo Student.png

Joy Keenan, Medical Student at Brighton and Sussex Medical School

Andrew Eddy Photo.png

Andrew Eddy, Co-Founder of Untapped Holdings

Helen Duncan Photo.png

Helen Duncan, Senior Neurodiversity Adviser at University of Cambridge

Laura Crane Photo.png
Laura Crane Photo.png

Laura Crane, Associate Professor at University College London


Daisy Shearer, Quantum Physicist & Science Communicator Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Neurodivergent in STEM

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