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Antony Ruck

For over two decades Antony has been part of the AT industry, working with manufacturers, publishers, standards organisations, and service providers to develop needs-based solutions.

Antony is the CEO and co-founder of Aventido Limited, an international value-added Distributor, PR and Marketing agency which specialises in digital assistive technologies. In addition, he has also provided volunteer support for the British Standards Institute, co-created ATEC, former Chair of BATA, and most recently elected as Co-President of DATEurope, the European industry association for digital assistive technology.

Through his work with DATEurope and BATA, Antony has engaged with UK Government departments such as the Cabinet Office, the Home Office, DfE and DWP, and international organisations such as the WHO, ATScale and ATIA.

Antony Ruck
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