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Nicola James

Nicola James is the Founder of Lexxic Ltd. and a Chartered Psychologist. She established Lexxic in 2007, to work with public and private sector organisations to help them better understand dyslexia and other neurodiverse conditions, and get the best out of their employees. Nicola is also the founder of Neurotalent Unlocked, an online learning platform to raise awareness for managers, and provide strategies for employees with neurodiverse conditions to help them succeed at work. In addition, Nicola has completed postgraduate training in neuropsychology.
A dyslexic individual herself, Nicola has been fortunate enough to receive support from the Dyslexia Centre at Nottingham University, and is now passionate about helping other people with similar difficulties.
Nicola sits on the British Psychological Society (BPS) Neurodiversity and Employment Committee and is a Director of the SpLD Assessment Standards Committee (SASC). She has written various guidance documents and has been involved with the development of neurodiversity smart best practice across a wide range of FTSE 100 companies, government organisations and charities.

Nicola James
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