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Rita Isaac

I’m Rita Isaac; I joined the CIPD 2022 as an L&D coordinator, and shortly after, I took on the co-lead of our Disability and Neurodiversity ERG (employee resources group).

I am neurodivergent myself and, having been only diagnosed with ADHD at the age of 34 and realising I didn’t know enough about it, I set out to join the ERG and help drive the work to educate myself and others in topics related to disability and neurodiversity.
Being dyslexic and having ADHD, I find the Read&Write technology very helpful and was thrilled to support its implementation organisation-wide to contribute to the inclusive work culture at CIPD, as people don’t need to ask for it to access it, it is available to everyone from day 1.

I’m also Portuguese, a visual artist, a problem-solver, and have a quirky sense of humour. I’ve been told my laughter is my best and worst trait, as I laugh wholeheartedly and often loud.

Rita Isaac
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