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Michael and Paul Atwal-Brice

Paul and Michael Atwal-Brice are fathers to two sets of identical Twins; Levi, Lucas, Lotan and Lance. All the family live in South Yorkshire.
The Atwal-Brice Family are very unique and covers many specialist topics around Disabilities with their older twins Levi and Lucas who have been diagnosed with Autism and Epilepsy, amongst other disabilities.
Over the years, they have built up a vast network of ally's in the charity and media sector and have been ambassadors for Caudwell Children’s charity and AFK working with disability charities and helping disabled children across the U.K.
The Atwal-Brice’s fronted a national campaign in 2020 campaigning for access to better inclusive play equipment in local parks so children like Levi and Lucas can enjoy recreational activities with their peers. This received a vast amount of coverage both the BBC news and Radio 5 Live along with other coverage.
For this, they received an award from the children’s charity AFK and won Best disability Campaign 2020.

Michael and Paul Atwal-Brice
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