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Solène Anglaret

Born and raised in France, Solène has lived in 6 countries and travelled to nearly 60. After starting her career in the environmental sector in 2011, she joined the travel industry, before finding her way into the world of diversity and inclusion in innovation. She currently works for Innovate UK as Programme Manager – Disabled Innovators.

Solène is also a Speaker, Author, and Entrepreneur. In 2018, she created Be Beyond Borders and published four books – all around the topics of identity, home, and belonging. In 2022, she launched The Inclusion Conversation, a talkshow that aims to break down borders and bring the world closer together, one conversation at a time. Solène also speaks openly about her experience living with a long-term mental health diagnosis and is a fervent advocate for disability and neurodiversity inclusion.

When not working or hustling, you'll find Solène travelling with her hubby, walking in nature, or eating (too much) chocolate...!

Solène Anglaret
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